Why Godaddy

There are a lot internet service companies, why choose Godaddy as my domain registrar? This is a good question, because domain name is the “gate” of internet, and the most essential part of your website/company online marketing, even your money! Choosing a good domain name company is a serious task.

Here I want to list the reasons choosing godaddy as the home of my domain names.

Godaddy is Number 1 domain name registrar and Web hosting provider

Godaddy has been into this industry since 1997, and with years experience, it becomes the world’s largest domain name registrar and Web hosting provider. How big is it? Some numbers:

  • More than 55 million domain names under management, and 11 million customers
  • Larger than the next 8 closest registrar competitors combined
  • Registers, renews or transfers more than one domain name every second
  • Larger than the next 8 closest registrar competitors combined

Ok, the numbers are numbers. I just want to say, so many people choose it for years and years just because it is good. No one would handle domains to a “bad” company for so many years.

Godaddy really provides best service of all.

With Godaddy code, you can get lowest price of all!

Godaddy is good, but what’s more, its price is the lowest of all(only with godaddy codes).

Every company has a price comparing page saying its price is lower than the others. Trust me, for long term, godaddy has the lowest price. If you are from U.S, Canada or Europe, with 0.99/1.99/2.99/5.99 code, the price can be unbelievable low! Yes, from $0.99 to $5.99!

Yes, those price has limitations. Let’s come to the regular price. Even if from other countries and don’t have a credit card, you can still have this price. Register .com for 1st can be low as $8.17 when renewal price is $8.67. Other companies lowest price should be $7.99 and $8.99(With $1 off coupon code, namesilo registration price is $7.99, but the coupon codes can only be used 5 times max, while there is not limitation on godaddy $8.17 codes ).

At the end, the most important thing is, you should have godaddy codes, or you can not enjoy the low price.

Why not choosing Godaddy

Godaddy provides best service with lowest price of all domain name registrar. Why don’t you choose godaddy? We would like to hear your opinions!

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