Your Crash Course On Washer Options

Washers are small fasteners often taken for granted or completely overlooked. This is unfortunate as they can offer a lot of advantages and security. If you invest a little time building your knowledge of washers, you can gain a lot of structural integrity in a tiny package.  

Washers are multi-purpose fasteners, but they are most often used as spacing components beneath bolts or nuts. While the ordinary washers tend to be flat or round, there are many different types of specialty washers that are quite unique. 

In the steel products manufacturing industry, standard flat washers are essential, but other types commonly in-demand include spring, fender, slotted, split, lock, toothed, and wave washers among many others.

To better understand and utilize the unique properties of different washers, let’s take a look at some of the most common.

Conical Or Bellville Washers

As the name suggests, these washers are cone-shaped. They …