Tips on Handling and Storing old coins

When you own a collection, especially old coins that have been minted for years, you have to know how to properly care for it. These are delicate and sensitive specimens. Once you damaged it, the value will decrease. So, if you have plans of investing in it and resell it in the future, then you may find it difficult to sell. Just like when you are still scouting for your collection, you will less likely buy worn or damaged specimens, right? Even if the ones with higher values are more expensive, these are in demand.

Anyway, handling old gold coins and silver bars won’t be very easy unless you were aware about it. Before engaging yourself in this kind of collection, you will have to learn everything about proper handling. Just like when you just bought a brand new car, you take care of it and handle it properly. You provide a parking space, where it would be safe from harm. You have to do the same thing with your coins and bars. You will not just store them anywhere you want. Through this you can also keep its value.

Remember that it is very important for you to have a special storage for your collection. Without this, then how can you manage to maintain the specimen? Keep in mind that these are old coins and the more you touch it, the more it gets prone to damages. When this happens, again the value that you had been protecting will go down. So, we have here a few tips that may help you in handling and storing your coins.

Handling the specimen

When you are holding this preserved treasure, do not keep on rubbing it to feel the detail. You should know how to properly handle the coin. You just need to hold it through your fingers. It must be safely lying between your index and thumb.

If possible, you must also put on gloves. Your fingers have natural oil and this is not good for the specimen. This may lead to discoloration as well as contaminating the surface of the specimen.

When you are holding the coin, be very careful. You should avoid dropping it to prevent it from damaging the surface. It would be ideal to have a seat at a table. And then, make sure to have a soft pad on the table.

Truth about coin cleaning

Many of you, especially those who are not into collecting coins may be thinking that you have to clean the specimens to make it look better. But, if you do this, then there is chance that the details may be damaged. If you will keep doing this, then the value will not really improve, instead your losing it. You should find out more information about cleaning and handling coins.

Now, if you would really want to keep it free from dust or dirt, then you have to make sure that the storage is intact. Do not allow dust to come inside the storage. If possible, you have to seal it properly. When you do this, then you do not need to keep on touching it to clean.

It would be ideal to keep the natural color of the specimen. The patina must be left exactly as it was discovered. You may be the owner of this specimen right now, but cleaning it often will not help retain its value. Storing it in a safe box or container only means that you are also preserving it in a natural way.

Coin Storage

Some collectors are using folders with some panels made of a cardboard. It is where the specimens are stored and sorted out. This would look like a booklet. But, you can normally see just only one side of the currency. While others are using albums, which is just like the folder. But, the panels here are made out of plastic. So, both sides of the specimens are visible.

For some collectors, they would love to use air-tight capsules. This comes with a round shape and foam around to keep it in place. And then, others are also using displays or decorative cases. Lastly, flips are also used. This is made of plastic envelopes to easily organize the collection.