CouponCause Shares These Coupon Hacks to Maximize Your Savings

If you are new into couponing, you probably are wondering how the so-called extreme couponers manage to save big. Well, it’s no secret; you have to sacrifice a lot of personal time and stay committed.

Extreme couponing is not something you just wake up one morning and hope to score massive discounts on your purchases. According to coupon site giant CouponCause, every extreme couponer needs some tricks or strategies that’ll earn you huge discounts on your shopping. We searched on their website and here are the hacks that they share for maximum saving.

1.Overage is Your Friend

In couponing, we use the term overage to define a case where the value of your coupons surpasses that of the product you are redeeming. Though most stores will not give you money to compensate you for the overage, they’ll allow you to use the overage to buy another item. So, you’ll pay less for the extra item.

2.Work with a Budget

With a budget, it’s easy to use your coupons on items that you only need. So, you don’t have to do impromptu purchases. If you are able to stick to it, then you can save as much as you want on your monthly shopping.

3.Consider Stacking Up

When using coupons, you are normally allowed to use a store coupon (also known as retailer’s coupon) plus a manufacturer coupon on a single purchase. This hack is actually what’s often referred to as coupon stacking. It allows you to make a double saving if compared to only using one coupon per purchase.

4.Coupon-Sales Coupling

Another hack that’s almost similar to coupon stacking is coupling coupons with specific sales. It’s a great way to improve the amount of saving you get from coupons. This is because prices during sales time are usually favorable. So, you just need to wait till it is sales time before you can redeem your coupons.

5.Learn to Stockpile

In the world of couponing, you can never have enough coupons. So, it’s always a good idea to stock up. In addition to the coupons that you have managed to collect, you can ask friends and family to help you get more. You can even involve your neighbors.

6.Sign Up for a Store’s Loyalty Card

Retail stores like customers who habitually buy from them. To show appreciation, they offer the customers’ loyalty cards. A lot of times, customers with these loyalty cards get to make purchases at a discount and this includes using discount coupons.

7.Apply Rebates

Rebates refer to monetary deductions made on purchases. They are a great way to save big on shopping. Actually, you can apply them alongside coupons so as to improve your savings margin. In most cases, these offers are printed on store booklets. So, always inquire about them if you are planning to use them to save.


It’s the hacks that you apply when couponing that defines your saving margins. If you are aggressive enough, then you are likely to save much more. For starters, you need to consider using the above hacks that CouponCause suggests. They may be your ticket to succeeding in the world of extreme couponing.