CouponCause Shares These Coupon Hacks to Maximize Your Savings

If you are new into couponing, you probably are wondering how the so-called extreme couponers manage to save big. Well, it’s no secret; you have to sacrifice a lot of personal time and stay committed.

Extreme couponing is not something you just wake up one morning and hope to score massive discounts on your purchases. According to coupon site giant CouponCause, every extreme couponer needs some tricks or strategies that’ll earn you huge discounts on your shopping. We searched on their website and here are the hacks that they share for maximum saving.

1.Overage is Your Friend

In couponing, we use the term overage to define a case where the value of your coupons surpasses that of the product you are redeeming. Though most stores will not give you money to compensate you for the overage, they’ll allow you to use the overage to buy another item. So, …